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Ron Smith RKS .32 barrel blank, gain twist, 30" long


Ron Smith RKS .32 barrel blank, gain twist, 30" long

$ 570.00

RKS .32 caliber barrel blank (.321" groove, .313" bore), 30" long to finish at 28". Gain twist rifling to finish at 1 in 14" at 28", chrome moly.

Ron Smith's single point cut rifled barrels have been the top choice of Schuetzen shooters for years and have been steadily gaining favor with benchrest shooters and others looking for a high-quality precision barrel. 

Unmilled blanks are rough turned, approximately 1.25" in diameter. Contoured barrels are polished and ready to blue. Please refer to reference section for details of our standard barrel contours. If you want a special contour, please make a note in the special instruction box above or give us a call.

We have a small number of these barrel blanks in stock in .32 caliber only.  Contoured barrels are made to order which typically takes about a week or two.