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CPA 44 1/2 Action

The CPA 44 1/2 action is a reproduction of the Stevens 44 1/2 and is case colored and fully assembled, together with necessary attaching screws. Other finishes are available upon request. 

Price with Pope lever: $1600

Price with other lever: $1550

The CPA action is a copy of the Stevens 44 1/2, and the frame, lower tang and lever are case colored in the original ripple style Stevens colors. The action can be supplied with any of four levers: the Pope lever, loop lever, plain "S" lever, or ball and spur lever with or without wood inserts. It is available in pistol grip version only, and comes with Schuetzen double set triggers. All actions have heat treated breechblocks with Mann-Niedner firing pins. The firing pins are now made from high impact tool steel that is properly hardened; additionally, the firing pins are a snug fit in both the breechblock at the rear and in the retaining bushing. A standard feature is rifles a special lightweight hammer with lower nose for cleaning rod and cartridge clearance. This hammer reduces lock time by about 40%. The top tang is tapped 5-40 for original or reproduction sights designed for Stevens rifles. 

The frame is somewhat thicker than the original, being about 1 1/4" thick rather than the Stevens 44 1/2 action's 1 1/8". This has allowed the use of somewhat larger barrel shank threads. These are 15/16-16, the same as the Winchester high wall, and larger cartridges can be used, up to the ability to load a case past the hammer. Some but not all parts are interchangeable with original Stevens Model 44 1/2 actions. Please contact us if you would like more specifics. 

The action and all its components were designed in a solid model with a CAD system. The flat drawings were derived from the solid model, and are the basis for the machining programs used by the vertical machining center used to machine all the non-round parts. Screws, pins, and other round parts are made on conventional Brown & Sharpe screw machines. The frame and lever are made from 8620 investment castings. These and the other parts are fully machined for proper fit, and are heat treated as warranted. The frame is normally not heat treated, but has a tensile strength of about 90 KSI after case coloring. The triggers, sear, lower tang, and trigger spring are machined from solid oil hardening tool steel and heat treated as required. Pins are hardened and ground, and all screws are hardened. All working parts are hardened for strength and wear resistance, so this action has a very long life expectancy. In every part used, the material and heat treatment is superior to the original. The finish provided on the parts is equivalent to the original action. 

The action is guaranteed to perform as stated without limit of time to the original owner. It is guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and materials, and defective parts will be replaced without charge. The working and finish are guaranteed to be suitable for the intended use. No claim is made as to special hand finishing or detailed finishing atypical of the original actions. The actions are marked with the company name and a serial number.

At this time we are not processing rifle sales through our website. You are welcome to browse options and pricing but please call or email us to confirm specifications. Rifles and actions must be picked up at our shop or shipped to an FFL holder.