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All of our rifles are based upon the Stevens Model 44 1/2 action, the final action made during the high point of the single shot rifle. Fewer than 13,000 of these rifles were made during the period of 1902 to 1916, and they were certainly the finest of the factory single shot target rifles.

The same action is used for each of our fourĀ standard models: Schuetzen, Silhouette, Benchrest and Sporting rifles. Each of these is available with a variety of options, including barrel size, caliber and stock style. Most of theĀ options are listed on our rifle order form. Most of our rifles are made to order to the customer's specifications, but we do occasionally have rifles in stock for immediate sale. Delivery time for a custom rifle is usually between 4 and 6 months.

At this time we are not processing rifle sales through our website. You are welcome to browse options and pricing but please call or email us to confirm specifications. Rifles and actions must be picked up at our shop or shipped to an FFL holder.