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CPA 44 1/2 Benchrest Rifle

The CPA Benchrest rifle has a buttstock with a high, straight comb and bottom line parallel to the bore. It also has a wide, flat-bottomed forearm to keep the rifle steady on a rest. This rifle is available in all of our standard chamberings, but the most popular calibers are .32-20 CPA, .32-40, .38-55, .25-20 and .22LR. Barrels are typically 28” long and heavy weight: #4 or #5. Barrels are drilled for scope bases and slotted for a front sight as requested. Stock through bolts are available at an extra charge. Most of the options available for our other rifles are available for the benchrest rifle.

Base price: $3195

Price with unfinished wood: $2595

Click here for common options, or call us at 570-828-1669 for a quote.

At this time we do not process firearm sales through this web site. Please call or email us to place an order - we occasionally have a few benchrest rifles in stock.