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  1. Is a CPA 44 1/2 action identical to an original Stevens 44 1/2 action?
  2. What is the difference between a Stevens Model 44 1/2 and a Model 44 action?
  3. Where can I get a scope?
  4. Why do we sell rifles with the wood unfinished?
  5. Where can I get molds?
  6. How much do the rifles weigh?
  7. How long does it take to get a rifle?
  8. How do the interchangeable barrels work?

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Is a CPA 44 1/2 action identical to an original Stevens 44 1/2 Actions?

There are some differences between our actions and the original 44 1/2's, so not all parts are interchangeable. In particular, we have made our actions slightly thicker and increased the barrel shank to accommodate larger calibers.  Our breechblocks also use a Mann-Niedner style firing pin. In most cases we stock parts for original 44 1/2s, even though they are different from the equivalent CPA parts. Contact us with specific questions.

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What is the difference between a Stevens Model 44 1/2 and a Stevens Model 44 action ?

The Stevens 44 1/2 is a falling block action, meaning the breech block moves up and down within the frame, while the 44 breech block pivots on a central pin. Click here for more information. Although there are many Stevens 44 rifles out there, there are several different models and parts do not always interchange.  We do have stocks and some other parts such as screws, springs and extractors but do not have firing pins or internal parts such as breechblocks and triggers.

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Where can I get a scope?

High quality scopes such as Lymans and Unertls are hard to find and often the price is sky high. We occasionally have scoeps listed for sale here, but you can try eBay, and Montana Vintage Arms and DZ Arms are making new scopes and mounts which are suitable for BPCR competition.

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Why do we sell rifles with the wood unfinished?

The wood finishing is a very time consuming part of building a custom rifle. It does not require too much skill, mostly care and attention. We estimate it takes about 10 hours to sand the stocks to a nice surface, and a couple of hours (spread over several weeks) to put the finish on. Some customers like to customize their rifles further by fitting the cheekpiece to their face or using a special stain, for example. There is a nice article in the Single Shot Exchange (April 2000) about how to finish a stock.

We do offer finished stocks as an option, or you can have us just sand it so that it is ready to have the finish applied. Checkering stocks takes quite a bit of skill. Don't ruin your stock by making this your first attempt. You can always finish the stock yourself and send it back to us for checkering.

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Where can I get bullet molds?

We have a limited selection of Hoch molds in stock and are now stocking Pioneer Products molds. These are high quality custom molds. Click here to see what we have in stock. If we do not have what you want, try contacting Steve Brooks at

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How much do the rifles weigh?

We can tailor the weight of the rifles to meet your specifications and competition regulations. Typically this is done by varying the barrel diameter, length and taper. At some point I hope to make a chart with all the weights and post it here. Don't forget to include your sights!

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How long does it take to get a rifle?

Typical delivery time is 4 - 6 months but this can be longer if you have requested a special barrel or engraving, for example. When we confirm your order we will typically be able to give you an estimated delivery date.

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How do the interchangeable barrels work?

The barrels are fully threaded and fit hand-tight.  There is a large set screw which goes through the bottom of the frame and the tapered and of the set screw fits in a tapered recess in the barrel shank.  When the set screw is tightened with the provided wrench, the barrel will adjust to zero if needed.  Barrel schematic is available here.

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