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Adapter for Anschutz rear sight

Adapter for Anschutz rear sight

$ 95.00

Rear sight adapters are made for the Anschutz rear sight. The adapter is mounted on a rear scope base placed just ahead of the frame of the rifle and puts the rear sight at a comfortable scope height. The adapters are available with knobs for either cup style rear scope bases (used with Lyman, Fecker and most Unertl scope, or Posa style (used by some Unertl and all Redfield scopes). Our CPA scope bases work for both cup and posa mounts.

The sight adapters are machined from solid steel and are low luster blued. The use of steel makes a stronger and more rigid adapter than one made of aluminum; steel is one third as flexible as aluminum and much stronger and more attractive as well. Pair with an Anschutz or other front sight mounted at scope height using our .475" front sight adapter.

Available for older sights with convex top or newer sights with flat top.