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Ballard Pope high comb buttstock

Ballard Pope high comb buttstock

$ 190.00

Pope high comb stock for Ballard rifles, excellent offhand stock with bore-height cheekpiece.  Will fit pistol grip Ballard actions. 

Buttstock is 98% shaped and inlet.

These products are made to order at our shop in Pennsylvania.  Delivery time is typically about a month. 

Grip S-shaped
Cheekpiece Right-hand shooter only
Drop at comb  0" below bore height
Drop at heel
LOP (standard)
Buttplate Pope
Wood requirements Oversize 2 1/2" thick blank, 7" tall
Stock bolt Bored for stock bolt and round section of tang extension. Bolt hole at 1 7/8" from heel.
Suitable forearms Ballard, Ballard Pope