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Ballard Schoyen #2 buttstock

Ballard Schoyen #2 buttstock

$ 190.00

The Ballard Schoyen 2 is a good choice to use for offhand shooting with the Ballard pistol grip rifle. Copied from an original Schoyen stock, it has both a deep perchbelly and a lot of drop, allowing the shooter to maintain a comfortable and steady position. It is identical to the Ballard Schoyen 2A except that it is intended for a pistol grip frame and the cheekpiece is dished.

Buttstock is 98% shaped and inlet.

These products are made to order at our shop in Pennsylvania.  Delivery time is typically about a month. 

Grip Straight but fit for a pistol grip frame
Cheekpiece Right-hand shooter only
Drop at comb  0" below bore height
Drop at heel 3" below bore height
LOP (standard) 13 3/8"
Buttplate Schoyen 1-prong or Schoyen 2-prong
Wood requirements 2 3/8" thick blank, 7" tall
Stock bolt Bored for stock bolt and round section of tang extension. Bolt hole close to heel, so you will need special holes in your buttplate.
Suitable forearms Schoyen Ballard