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Browning BPCR buttstock

Browning BPCR buttstock

$ 180.00

Replacement stock for the Browning BPCR rifle with 3 3/8" upper tang. Please check you have the correct model - we do not accept returns on these stocks if you order the wrong one.

Buttstock is 98% shaped and inlet.

Due to the original design of the Browning stocks, which this pattern follows very closely, the stock bolt hole is very close to the surface along the underside of this stock.  When sanding this stock, do not remove any more wood in this area than necessary to clean it up, as excessive sanding may break through into the bolt hole.  Should this happen, be advised that the product warranty is void, and no refund will be made. Also be advised that we cannot guarantee customer wood for this pattern since boring the bolt hole is very tricky and strong figure or other grain patterns may cause the hole to wander through the side of the stock.

These products are made to order at our shop in Pennsylvania.  Delivery time is typically about a month. 

Grip Factory-style pistol grip suitable for a grip cap
Cheekpiece Right- or left-handed
Drop at comb  
Drop at heel
LOP (standard) 14"
Buttplate Browning shotgun (not available). Suitable for any shotgun plate, but we warned that the through bolt hole is at the toe of the stock, just where most plates have the lower screw.
Wood requirements 2 3/8" thick blank
Stock bolt Bored for 3/8" through bolt. Rear bored at .60" from bottom, 13/16" diameter to 5" from frame. See warning above!
Suitable forearms Browning BPCR