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CPA bench rest buttstock

CPA bench rest buttstock

$ 135.00

This stock fits pistol grip CPA 44 1/2 actions.  Designed specifically for shooting from a bench, the top and bottom lines of the stock are parallel to the bore to prevent the muzzle from moving vertically during recoil.  If you prefer a more elegant look with most of the advantages of this stock, consider the CPA sporting buttstock instead.

Any CPA buttstock can be fit to an original pistol-grip Stevens 44 1/2 or 44 action with the following changes: the CPA action is 1/8" wider so extra wood will need to be removed around the frame and the pistol grip is slightly steeper so you will need to either bend your lower tang about 1/4" or reshape the wood slightly to match the original curve.

Buttstock is 98% shaped and inlet. These products are made to order at our shop in Pennsylvania.  Delivery time is typically about a month.

Grip Pistol grip
Cheekpiece None
Drop at comb 3/8"
Drop at heel 3/8"
Length of Pull 13 3/4"
Buttplate Stevens S-logo or other shotgun plate
Wood requirements 2" thick blank
Stock bolt Not recommended, but available by special request


CPA benchrest forearm