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CPA benchrest forearm

CPA benchrest forearm

$ 130.00

Benchrest forearm for CPA Stevens or other single shot rifles.  Length is 10 5/8" long and width is 3" wide. Attaching screw holes are at 7/8" and  6 1/8" from the frame or we can omit the holes for you to drill your own.  Because these are copied from one-piece patterns, we may not be able to exactly match the contour of your barrel but will get as close as we can.

Be sure to enter the shape of your barrel as well as the diameter at the frame and at the end of the forearm.  Please also note requests such as a special location for the attaching hole. In this case we can make forearms without attaching holes.

If you are sending your own wood, it should be 12.5" long, 3.25" wide and 2" deep.  If your wood is shorter, we can glue blocks on to the end for a small charge, if it is smaller in width or height we will make it as large as we can.

Forearms are 98% shaped and inlet.  For normal barrel contours, the inletting is typically within about .010", while we typically leave about .060" on the outside surfaces.  If it is an unusual contour, we will leave extra wood.

These products are made to order at our shop in Pennsylvania.  Delivery time is typically about a month.