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CPA Pope high comb buttstock, left-handed

CPA Pope high comb buttstock, left-handed

$ 160.00

This stock fits pistol grip CPA 44 1/2 actions.  It is the best choice for offhand shooting, offering good support for your face when using telescopic sights, adding points to your score. The pattern is adapted from an original Stevens Pope rifle.

Any CPA buttstock can be fit to an original pistol-grip Stevens 44 1/2 or 44 action with the following changes: the CPA action is 1/8" wider so extra wood will need to be removed around the frame and the pistol grip is slightly steeper so you will need to either bend your lower tang about 1/4" or reshape the wood slightly to match the original curve.

Buttstock is 98% shaped and inlet. These products are made to order at our shop in Pennsylvania.  Delivery time is typically about a month.

Grip S-shaped pistol grip
Cheekpiece Left-handed
Drop at comb 0"
Drop at heel
Length of Pull 13 1/4"
Buttplate Schoyen 1-prong, Schoyen 2-prong, or any shotgun-sized plate
Wood requirements 2 1/2" thick blank
Stock bolt None


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