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Stevens 44 Rifle Barrel(choose your options)

Stevens 44 Rifle Barrel(choose your options)

$ 750.00


We can fit a new barrel to your rifle at any time.  We need to have your action in the shop and the process typically takes 4 - 6 weeks.  Depending on the caliber and your current configuration you may also need a breechblock and extractor.  Included are:

  • fitting/headspace to your action
  • chamber and slug bore, CPA barrel markings
  • drill and tap for scope bases and forearm screws, cut front sight slot
  • polish and standard matte blue

  • Please let us know the specifications you want:

    Use the box above for special instructions related to front sight slot (3/8" is standard), scope base drill/tap (Unertl is standard), barrel rate of twist, etc. We will contact you to confirm timing and detailed specifications for the barrel.