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Copy customer buttstock

Copy customer buttstock

$ 165.00

In many cases we can copy your original buttstock by gluing pieces to the front and back so we can mount it in our stock duplicator. In most cases there is no damage to the original stock, but we will need a way to mount it in our stock duplicator and old finishes can sometime be damaged by the rubber tracer. Prices shown here are for a typical single shot buttstock with pistol grip and cheekpiece. Oversize wood and complex inletting may cost extra, while simpler stocks will be priced lower. If you want multiple copies the price will be $25 lower for each subsequent copy.

Unless you ask for something different, we will copy the stock as we receive it, making the inletting .010" tighter and leaving .060" extra wood on all surfaces.  We will do our best to skip over any chips, etc.

These products are made to order at our shop in Pennsylvania.  Delivery time is typically about a month.

Please visit the reference section of this website for information about our wood grades.